How long does it take to get verified?

Verifying an account takes a period between 15 minutes to 24 hours. Make sure you have uploaded your store banner or we will send you an email, if there is anything wrong with your store information.

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How do I create a Vendor Shop?

We provide the simplest registration forms for you to create your store. Visit Account Page and register as a vendor. The process takes 2 minutes to finish and wait for us to evaluate your shop, when it’s fully created we activate your account and you can upload your product images and start marketing or get customers that frequently visit our site everyday. Take Note that we only activate a shop when you have filled out all the info about your shop.

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What is ACT Kingdom Market Place?

Our Market Place, is a simple as it is. A place where you can sell or purchase goods. But here at ACT Kingdom we have our own Online Clothing Market Place where everyone can sell their clothing brand or merch provided you have the full right to do so and be exposed to people shopping around to find your products and purchase. And it’s very easy to create a store and begin selling your brand on a professional site. No subscription fee required. Start Making Money.

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What is ACT Kingdom?

ACT Kingdom is more than just a brand, more than a clothing line, it is a family crest that represents our unit as a People, We are One. We are a People.

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